Design and Consulting

How much does cost for Organic Growing consultation and design ?

Although we try to offer a wide range of learning opportunities through our workshop program and courses, for some situations, a more personalized approach is best.

We do personal consultations on a wide range of focuses. These consultations can completely customizable and can be fully personalized for various levels of experience and for various lengths of time, based on what you may need.

A personal consultation could be very useful for serious home gardeners, specific gardening or permaculture projects (PDC’s), re-focusing food production processes, homesteading, micro-farming business start-up, enterprise development, and more.

Some generalized pricing structures are below.

Email us at or (+94)  769790743 for designing a consultation, scheduling an appointment, for more info on our consultations, or to discuss or brainstorm on possible personal consultation ideas.We can guarantee you, you will have a better influence on your land and life as a farmer/gardener than you invested. It’s hard set up price for the value what we are sharing with you.


Action  Details
Site Inspection (usually 2-4 hrs) Including Prep, consult, travel. Includes on-the-spot sketch/plan.
Consulting/Education On-site advice/planning, Workshops etc.
Organic Growing  design work Researched concept design 4-8 hrs, In-depth Organic Growing  design takes longer and will depend on size of property.
Physical Labor Design implementation, PC garden maintenance etc.
Travel Allowance Vehicle maintenance/fuel etc.

*  Materials and resources required for garden designs and maintenance invoiced on top.

* Community gardens and other community groups are eligible for discounted rates.

* If you don’t feel like you can afford our services we are open to discussion and we may be able to come to some agreement.


School for Sustainability Studies 

We offer a comprehensive set of organic gardening courses for both beginners and for experienced gardeners.

We wish we had workshops like this available to us when we first started seriously growing our own food. And that’s what we are striving to do – provide people with the info and experience to garden and grow successfully.

We offer a variety of short to intensive style courses for people really wanting to get fully immersed in organic gardening learning. We also offer hands-on sessions for extra learning and experiences. And we are always happy to help you out with any gardening questions or issues at our Plant Sales or via email! We also do personal gardening consultations and group talks and demos.


Basic Organic Gardening Course

If you have been wanting to start your own organic garden, have been trying to garden organically but have been struggling, or have been gardening and want to use more organic practices and get more produce, this course would be great for you!Organic Gardening is so much more than just not using pesticides. It is a whole other approach to growing food in a sustainable, environmentally sound, and nutritionally dense manner.

At the end of this course and gardening experience you’ll have a solid grasp of what it means to be an organic gardener

Kitchen Garden Workshop

This workshop takes you to designing a garden around your kitchen for convenience and usefulness, and updates it for today’s flavors and kitchens. We’ll be discussing how to grow a variety of herbs, greens, and compact vegetables that fit into this convenient and easy to care for growing model. Container and Raised Bed techniques will be major focuses.

Herbal Garden

25 herbs for your herb garden

this class is for the beginning and developing herb garden grower even in small apartment spaces to balconies. we’ll discuss how to grow, harvest, and use 25 herbs that no herb garden should be without. all 25 of these herbs are easy to grow and fun to use in cooking, teas, salads, and as medicinal. a great way to get inspiration and plan your spring herb garden!


Organic Growing in your garden.

Want to grow healthy organic food for your family in your own backyard or community garden?

Want your family to discover first hand where real food comes from?

Want them to love eating it?

We can help you grow amazing healthy organic food for your plate (or maybe just straight for your mouth!). We offer workshops and training to help you and your family learn the benefits of sustainable healthy living through gardening.

Great for the whole family!

School for Sustainability can include maintenance of an already established Organic Growing garden, Organic Growing alterations of any garden or yard, or creating Organic Growing system from scratch. Ongoing planning and email support are complimentary to any design and action session.

Call +94 (769790743) or email to book an inspection or action session.