Eshkol Farm Design

We walk the property in question with the owner and explore what sort of permaculture design strategies and techniques would be most appropriate. This is a verbal, field level soil test, ecological evaluation assessment with recommendations and rough sketches when/where appropriate. Some useful resources are always provided and /or recommended reading and website links supplied.

Ecological evaluation
Sector Map
Recommendations and rough sketches
Following a site visit and/or our research, we can create a permaculture design including a written assessment, a base map of the property with the design sketched upon it, and a written summary of recommendations.

Prices vary by property size and complexity of the design desired. Here are some estimates for property sizes of up to 5 acres

Ecological evaluation
Sector map
Zone map
Design map
Design Recommendations with Base map (to include earthworks such as swales, ponds or key lining if appropriate)
Implementation Priorities – Time Table
General Plant Lists for the Application
Written document of Implementation